Gaj Ltd.

"Gaj" Ltd. company was established in 1997.

Over the years, by investing into the new technology of wood processing, we have significantly expanded our manufacturing program and seriously increased the production.



The wood we have in offer is primarily beech, but also oak, cheery tree, walnut and linden are becoming more and more used.

Our services

"Gaj" Ltd. Company can offer you serviceable wood processing. The wood can be processed as one-sided, two-sided, three-sided and four-sided wood no matter it’s about planks or fillets.

Production process

"With high quality production and well chosen wood we wish to ensure customer satisfaction and durability as well, beauty and usability of all our products."

Gaj wood

Gaj Gruža

Gaj Gruža

Ravni Gaj
34230 Gruža
Kragujevac, Serbia
Tel: + 381 34 591 222
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FSC 100%
Certificate No:SGS-COC-009596